Hi! I'm Dylan.

I create content that crafts relevant and relational experiences for businesses and customers. I'm a marketer focused on value driven strategies. I'm a strategic creator.

Perform a quick Google search for SEO tips,  tricks, or strategies. You’ll be bombarded with a long list of “experts” telling you what to do. End this problem right now, because you’re wasting time.

I’ve recently reorganized the way I work on projects and tasks. It can be difficult to focus and get work done when juggling various projects and numerous clients. I’ve recently discovered a new way to get done projects successfully and do them 100% more efficiently than ever before.

There is an overwhelming amount of marketing advice available on the internet. With self-proclaimed experts starting blogs and filling it with fluffy marketing advice, it’s tainting the tried and true marketing strategies that actually deliver results.

We’re missing an important element of consumption in our careers and life. Every day, we go through our habitual routines, most of the time much like the previous day….

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine whom I previously worked with at a software startup. He has since left and launched his own company, and we were earlier discussing careers, marketing, and life in the startup world. He really is a brilliant software engineer, and building a web app startup through his own skill sets, he has a bootstrapper advantage. However, his mindset on the traction, growth, and development of his startup is all wrong, and it’s drastically affecting his success as both a startup founder and a person.